Greenstart Recruiting has a clear understanding of the fast pace of the banking and financial services industries. Whether you are looking for back or front office roles, at an operational or executive level, Greenstart Recruitment has the ability to fulfill each individual need. Our specialization facilitates effective identification and screening processes, so we could find you your ideal job candidate in a short span of time. Greenstart recruiting is able to focus on your business and deliver quality results. Greenstart conducts several innovative strategies to provide our clients with the most productive, efficient and skilled office professionals in the market.Understanding that staffs are still the single greatest success factor in the drive for revenue, Greenstart draws particular attention to the overall fit of the candidates. Our ability to customize the recruitment process and address the unique staffing requirements of each client ensures that we deliver quality results on every recruit.

Best Staffing Solutions for:

  • Business Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Admin and Operational Positions
  • Admin and Operational Management Positions
  • Call Centre and Customer Care Positions
  • Accounting and Finance Positions
  • Accounting and Finance Managerial Positions
  • Healthcare
  • IT Positions
  • Sales & Marketing

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